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January - February 2019

Pivot tables, colors, auto docs...

  • Using simplified Word and Excel templates : A new "column code" is automatically created now for each column. This code can be used for the export word and excel templates, instead of the column name.This new code takes the original name of the column but in lowercase, removing the special characters, removing the accents and replacing the spaces with "_", which makes it easy to create templates because you only need to use this code as a cell label in Excel or in a word document with ${cell_code}. using the column name still works, note that this new code is not changed when renaming a column, which avoids having to modify existing templates when renaming.
  • Automatic line creation during a paste copy of linked table values : Line creation automatically in the linked table when we add a value in a linked table column that does not exist in the linked table (if the first column of the linked table is not a formula)
  • Continued Pivot Tables Improvements:                                                                                               - New option to automatically insert columns with missing days between two dates, for example to facilitate time sheet entry                                                                                                  - Add sum of rows and columns in Editable mode for numeric values;                                       - Column widths are not stored for non-admin.
  • API : New option to create user accounts (contact us for details)
  • Gantt View : Filters and Quick Search are now available in Gantt view (for Project Links configuration, not yet for recursive subtasks)
  • Limiting the number of access per user per second via the API
  • Limiting the number of rows that can be imported via table creation by Excel file
  • New option to apply the colors of a status to a group of columns
  • Exporting in mirror view is now allowed
  • Auto document : new type of fields (columns) with the url of the document created automatically according to a predefined model
  • New faster PivotTables with new options (counter, percentage, average, sort rows and ability to edit numeric fields online or in form)
  • New option to copy only the structure when importing tables from another notebook
  • Comments with notification in the message area: the notifications are now clickable and allow you to open directly in card view the record containing the notification

Fixes on Android

  • Link view based on the original view
  • Offline mode improvements
  • Improved pictures sending in the chat
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