PDF export, help bubble, duplicate search, custom forms, user management, export pictures ...

  • PDF conversion of self-generated documents : No need to download your .doc documents first and then convert them to pdf. You can now make sure that they automatically convert to PDF by simply checking the corresponding option in the Auto Document type column settings.
    Note : for the moment only the conversion from Word documents is operational. Conversion from Excel files is still under development.

Perfect for creating your invoices, quotes ...!

  • Information Button (i) : To help your teams use TimeTonic, you can now make a tooltip appear when you flick the title of a field in spreadsheet view. A small (i) will also appear next to the field title in form view. To activate this option, fill in the description in the parameters of the column.

An even faster grip for your employees and a reduced risk of errors !

  • Find Duplicates : Using the data in a column, you can now search for duplicates. Access this function in the Views menu (the three small dots). You will be asked to specify the key column in which to look for duplicates (for example a field of names, e-mail addresses or = serial numbers) then to choose in which column of type check box show the result.

​You can easily merge the entered data to multiple times like email

addresses for example!

  • Optimization of user rights management : No need to wait for users to accept your invitation to set up their rights as you go. For example, you can invite user 1 to Admin and then change the default value to Restrict to invite user 2. In addition, the user's active rights are now retained even if he or she clicks on the user again. initial invitation that could have different rights. So if you had initially invited a user as Restricted and then changed her rights to User, she will still retain her User rights even if she clicks again on the original invitation received by email.

You save time and maintain confidentiality of your data!

  • CSS for extern form : you can now provide a custom CSS cascading style sheet for forms that you publish online, using External Form columns to view / edit existing data - or blank forms that you embed in your web pages .

    To do this, go to the Share the form option in the view menu (the three small dots). Then click Create view sharing URL and add your css file.

Ideal to insert a form to your colours in your recruitment page, create a simplified extranet to provide your prospects with the link to their personalised quote or to make mailings asking your contacts to update their contact details themselves!

  • New templates ready to usethe library is growing to get you started even faster with TimeTonic! Staff management, event organisation, personal CRM, timesheets and many more !

You can download and use them directly or choose to use them as a base to modify for highly personalised management of your data, business and processes

And much more !

  • Turn links to other tables into buttons to generate call-to-action !
  • Drag&drop a document from one cell attachment to another in record view !
  • Export pictures in Word templates !
Perfect to insert a photo or a signature in your reports!
  • Sort your selection in order to only display wanted row in Pivot table

Ideal for capturing your timesheets even faster

to plan your production or your projects.

  • Records are displayed per 1000 to optimize load time
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