TimeTonic 2 arrives on the Google play store

Download it to start chatting in real time with your team, fetch and update information on the field,

in real-time or even offline if you have no connectivity.

The new TimeTonic 2 native mobile application will synchronize in structure and un content with your smart visual databases of your TimeTonic workspaces.

Need your own vertical mobile application? Simply add a new column in the spreadsheet view on the web to automatically create your very own native mobile application.

Gantt view

Manage all your projects and dependencies between tasks with our new Gantt chart view.

You now have the possibility to create a Gantt chart view with one click to manage and update visually your projects, and to create links between tasks.

Hide your columns separately in each view

Very useful if you have a table with many columns, this option allows you to decide which columns you would like to see in each view.

Sort your files

You can now sort your files by chronological order and by alphabetical order.

Export your pivot tables

You needed it, we created it! You can now export your pivot tables to Excel file formats.

Pivot tables become dynamic !

You can now edit even more your pivot tables. Copy and paste any text, add colours, double click to access the full content in the form view. All your changes will be automatically updated in the source table.

Content line break

Break the line! Choose to wrap your text into multiple lines to read the full content directly in the table view, or to display only one line as before for a better high level view.

New colour range

New colours are now available in TimeTonic, with 3 new Material Design palettes.

Edit your comments

Oops, you made a mistake ? You can now edit your comments

Create your own templates for invoices, reporting, quotations, etc in Excel or Word files

You can now export each record to Excel or Word files.

Even better, you can create your own templates that will be used in your exports, such as for invoices, quotations, reports, and they will be automatically populated with your TimeTonic data.

Restricted access to columns

Choose who can modify or view a column. To do this, click the header of a column, then click "Restrict Access“.
You can select users who can't edit the column and/or users who can't view the column.
If you make the column invisible to a user, this column will stop being displayed for this user.

Manage your notifications

You can now decide how and who gets notifications of new comment messages.

Select whether a visual red sticker is visible for every new message, and if a copy should be sent to the messaging section (and thus potentially by email, sms and via mobile notification) to all members, a group of users, or only if you are @mentioned in the message

Add colours to cards

In view cards (in one-line size), you can add colours to the cards as per your needs. Here, for example, red cards are those in "Urgent" status.
To do this, simply select which fields you want to appear by colour filter. Don't forget to customize your colours in the column to make it happen.

New templates available

New smart table templates pictograms, progress bars, B2B-CRM and Project management are available.

Excel export improvement

The formatting of the Excel export has been improved. The column header remains fixed as well as the first column.

The colors are also kept in the Excel export and the links to files, photos and urls are clickable.

And the export supports a larger amount of data.

Default value and duplicate row

If you repeatedly have to enter the same data for every new record, this new feature will make you happy.

You can now right click on an existing line and set it as a default for every new line / record.

Alternatively you can simply duplicate an existing row and save a ton of typing if most values are the same.

New formula SUM_ELEMENTS

This formula is used to add the sum of several values from different columns or the sum of elements from the column of a linked table.

New SUBSTRACT formula

Subtract data from one column by data from another column. Here, for example, we subtracted the amount from the total receipts.

Les autres nouvelles formules

DIVIDE: Allow to divide the data of one column
NB_ELEMENTS: Allow you to calculate the number of elements of a linked table or column.
DAY_DELTA_TODAY: Allow you to calculate the difference of days between the date of one colulmn and today's date.
WEEK_DELTA_TODAY: Allow you to calculate the difference of weeks between the date of one column and current week.

API update

The Timetonic API (Application Programming Interface) has also been updated.

See all changes at https://timetonic.com/live/api.php?doc#history-doc.

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