• When copying a view, the choices of the view to apply for each link field to another table are now preserved
  • New view option to display only search results: A new view option "Enable mandatory search" allows you to hide data when the user opens the view, and to display only the results of a quick search or, in mirror view, only the results of a filter.
    Use this option when you want to hide the data in a table for more confidentiality or when the amount of data is too large.

  • Drag and drop documents between attachment fields: In form view, it is now possible to copy and paste a document from one attachment field to another by simply dragging and dropping it.

  • Quick search: new indexing method allowing a 10 times faster search but with some restrictions, in particular the fact that a partial search is only possible if the word begins with the searched letters: if you have to search in the middle of a word, use the filters with the option 'contains' instead.

  • Quick Search: You now have to press Enter to start the quick search for large tables.

  • New column type "conditional text" + template: It is now possible to create a column of type "conditional text (text from another table)" whose text varies according to another column.

    The column on which the text depends must be a Selection (list from another table) column.

    In addition, it is possible to use the principle of the Word and Excel templates in the content of this new column. If the text contains labels such as ${column_code}, the label will be replaced by the value of the corresponding column.

  • New 'button' option for autodocs: it is now possible to transform the link to the auto doc into a button so that only the button is visible in form view. By clicking on it, the user will open the generated document according to the chosen model.

  • New column selection option for autodocs models: It is now possible to select a column containing the model to be applied by the auto doc, which allows to have a different model per record. The selected column must be of the attachment type (or of the column type of a linked table pointing to an attachment type column).

  • Limitation of book duplications before 7pm: for performance optimization reasons, complete book copies are temporarily blocked between midnight and 7pm.

  • Faster but more limited fast search: to accelerate the performance of the fast search, especially on large tables; we have excluded the content of complex fields (files, links, columns of linked tables, comments, history) from the fast search.

    To search in this type of column, use the filters to indicate the search criteria field by field.

    Alternatively, create a CONCAT formula copying the contents of the columns you want to make accessible by the quick search

  • New auto docs option allowing to choose the model in another column (file type or file column type of a related table). It is thus possible to create a table with all its models, and to create a link to this table allowing to choose, line by line, which model to use (the only option that was available previously was to apply the same model for all lines).
  • New formula DAY_OPEN_DELTA calculating the number of open days between two dates: similar to DAY_DELTA but without Saturdays and Sundays.
  • New calculation method for the formula WEEK_DELTA_TODAY: from now on, the calculation result indicates the difference between the calendar week number of the formula date and the week number of the current date, and no longer the number of days divided by seven between the two dates.
  • New "over-filter"in mirror view: it is now possible to filter/sort mirrors locally (i.e. without affecting other users) with the usual TimeTonic filters. This new over-filter applies only to the fields visible in the mirror view. The new filter / sort will be added to the existing filter / sort (the one defined by the administrator who created the mirror view.).
  • New option blocking the addition of data in a view: A new option in the views allows you to block the addition of data, live- the plus ("+") buttons disappear- and also from a linked table. For example, your timesheet table allows the user to be able to add new projects. In form view of a timesheet, be sure to choose, for the view to apply to the selection of projects, a view with the option "Lock the addition of record in view" enabled.
  • New date format: Finally! It is now possible to choose a date format other than "yyyy-mm-dd",
    Like the French format "dd-mm-yyyyy" (27-02-2019 for example) or American format "mm/dd/yyyy" (02/27/2019)
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