Process automation: TimeTonic integration with Zapier and more than 1,000 apps!

TimeTonic is now available by invitation on Zapier.

This means that you can create automation rules to interface TimeTonic with more than 1,000 applications.

It's pretty amazing what we can do.

For example, you can automatically send an email with an attachment to a recipient list when a status is changed in TimeTonic.

Here's the link to add TimeTonic to your Zapier account :

The available triggers are:

- New line in a table
- New line in a view

The "actions" available are:

- Creating a new entry (new line)
- Updating an existing entry (line)

More info here !

Calculations automation with Excel

It is now possible to use an Excel file to automate calculations in TimeTonic. Calculations will be performed each time a value is modified in the TimeTonic table automated with Excel.

Calculation of premium, price, yield, margin, this option opens up an almost infinite horizon of calculations and automation of your processes.

The principle is very simple. You can define TimeTonic fields as input values and TimeTonic fields whose value will be the result of a calculation of your Excel file...

To do so, add your Excel file via the option "Automation with Excel" in the table context menu.
Then you must setup the fields (columns) to link to the Excel file and indicate the fields that will be input values (in) or output values (out).

In the TimeTonic parameters of an input field, modify the "Synchronization code" option by entering the location of the cell in your Excel file that will be replaced by the content found in TimeTonic, using the syntax "in_Feuil1_B2" to point to cell B2 of the Sheet1 of your file.

Similarly, in the TimeTonic parameters of your field that should contain the result of an Excel calculation, in the "Synchronization code" option, type the location of the cell of your Excel file containing the result that will replace the content in TimeTonic, using the syntax "out_Feuil2_C33" to point to cell C33 of the Feuil2 sheet in your Excel file.

(Of course, replace Feuil1 and Feuil2 by the exact name of your sheets in your Excel file and B2 and C33 by the exact cell coordinates containing the input value and output value of your calculations).

A more complete description will be available soon!

And much more !

  • The choice of views to be applied for displaying/selecting linked table elements is now only visible to administrators and is specific to each view. It is thus possible to choose which view to apply to a contact from the company view, for example, and to choose a different view to apply to a contact from the project view
  • New design for buttons to add linked table elements in form view
  • A little bit technical: Improvement of the filtered views of links to another table in form mode: sorting and column restrictions are still applied, but no longer filters (because this could hide linked elements)
  • New book template for room reservation management
  • The URL of each file view is now visible in the browser, which allows you to open it directly, for example by sharing the url in an email
  • New field: "Conditional selection (list of another table)" allowing to create a different selection according to the result of a selection of another field
  • New option: Mandatory field
  • "Tag" mode for links in form view
  • Coloured tags (the color is specified by adding a field of type "Color selection".)
  • New option in the "Share form" views allows you to obtain a web URL with a blank form. When a person completes the form, a new line will be created in your TimeTonic table with the contents of the filled fields.
  • Mirror views now available on Android
  • New API key in your profile, especially for integration with Zapier
  • Editing simple values of elements in a linked table in form view
  • Server load monitoring to improve TimeTonic performance and response time
  • Filter option "is among" and "is not among" for linked table fields
  • New filter - in the last 5 and 15 minutes, ideal for example to follow the latest changes
  • Improvement of the external form
  • New option "URL to notify for changes" allows you to call your own calculation or action program each time you make a change in TimeTonic. Ideal for automating your processes or interfacing with external applications.
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